Small in home daycare with BIG imaginations!

Jessie's Daycare

Buffalo, MN
​With a mix of ages Jessie's Daycare is ready for it all! From school age fun to newborns there isnt anything we can't handle!
​Kids are able to enjoy, express and grow in a comfortable at home enviroment that has alot to offer.
​At Jessie's we celebrate every holiday and each child will get a special brithday party for their special day!

​We provide breakfast, lunch, 2 snacks (and the more often then not baked treat), sunscreen, and bug spray!

​Jessie's is a licensed in home daycare that is apart of the food program!

Jessie's Daycare is a play based learning enviroment with a bit of homemade cirriculum to keep your little on their toes!
​Imaginations are free to run wild here at Jessie's with child led activities and finding ways to explore and discover the world around them.
​Being outdoors is the main attraction and comes before all other activity. I believe that children need to be outside running off energy, breathing in fresh air and getting dirty!​ Your littles will have the oppurtunity to play in the mud pit, on various structures, in water, run like crazy and so much more.
During indoor time they will get free and structured art time, stories, circle time, dance parties (which happen quite often), singing, full healthy meals and snacks, oppurtunities to bake, cook and the list goes on.
​Keeping them engaged, moving and learning on a daily basis!
Infants are precious little ones that are just beginning life and need all the nurturing and love we can give them to feel safe and secure. Here at Jessie's your babies will be nurtured and talked to, listened to and played with, get tummy time and jumper time, be cuddled and interacted with all throughout the day. Stimulated through movement, color and voices. The baby room is attached to the main playroom so your child is never alone. We provide 2 cans of formula a month, homemade baby food and wipes for your little one.
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